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My wife Elba and I were first drawn to Yoga and Pilates while I was a senior instructor at the magical, world renowned Rancho La Puerta fitness spa in Tecate, Mexico. We quickly became enthusiasts of these two disciplines and have reaped the rewards over the last 14 years with weekly teachings and dedication to our own practice. Pilates and Yoga have been wonderful tools throughout our search for peace, balance and happiness in the journey of life.

One day, we both realized that after a sweaty session of Yoga or Pilates, repeatedly putting our faces inches from where our smelly feet had been, we'd simply roll up our well used mats and place them in our stuffy car trunk until the next session. We agreed, it's Kind of GROSS! My wife, a dental hygienist, suggested it would be nice to have a spray, not only designed to naturally disinfect our mats, but also concocted to enhance our practice through aromatherapy.

We serendipitously ran into a local chemist with a background in aromatherapy who also happened to be a fitness enthusiast. After extensive trial and error and feedback from students, clients, friends and instructors, we have arrived!

We trust you will enjoy this product as much as we do. After you experience the benefits, you'll never take another class without it! If for some reason you're not satisfied, we will serenely refund your money.

We warmly welcome your comments and feedback about our spray: jd@NiceDogYoga.com

May the practice of mind/body exercise fill your hearts with peace, exalt your spirit and refresh your soul. Namaste'
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