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A great deal of thought, experimentation and focus-group feedback went into the selection and delicate combination of the chosen ingredients. Our Pilates/Yoga/Exercise mat spray was designed with two specific goals in mind:

1) To provide an All-Natural way to disinfect the germs, fungus and smell that tends to build up from sweaty dedication to your chosen discipline

2) To provide an aroma-therapy element that would enhance the students practice and would freshen their mat with pleasing scents.

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To naturally eliminate odor, germs and fungus, we included the following Pure Essential Oils:
Grapefruit Seed Extract – An active anti-microbial; stimulates the mind and energizes the nervous system
Tea Tree Oil – Known by Native Australians as the “Miracle Oil” for its many medicinal purposes
Witch Hazel – Skin protecting astringent with healing properties; know for its anti-inflammatory effects
For aroma-therapeutic benefits that you will love, we perfectly blended:
Exotic Mandarin – Uplifting, inspiring, cheerful and refreshing; also a natural antiseptic
Soothing Lavender – “The Angel of Healing” Promotes clarity, peace of mind and balance
Invigorating Eucalyptus – Clears the sinuses to encourage deep breathing; strong antiseptic as well
Moisturizing Aloe Vera – Prolongs your mat’s life and adds a slight stickiness for better grip
What people are saying about our mat spray:

“I love to start and end my yoga practice with NiceDogYoga mat spray. It provides such a pleasant aroma! Each time I go through Sun Salute A & B, the fragrance entices me to breathe deeply, improving my focus on Pranayama. After a 75 minute vigorous, sweaty session, I spray my mat thoroughly knowing my mat will be odor free when I unroll it for my next practice.”

Julian - Yogi, San Diego, CA

“I spray all of my Pilates equipment after each session and clients ending and starting their practice comment on what a pleasant aroma it leaves. I believe it makes them feel confident that the equipment is always clean and disinfected for their next visit. All of my students have purchased their own personal bottle for use in their mat classes.”

Sienna - Pilates Studio Owner, Solana Beach, CA

"....And to think that every time I used to roll up my mat-- I also rolled up whatever sweaty, stinky toe jam and athlete's foot fungus was on the floor into my yoga mat! YUK! No more-- now I store my "Nice Dog Yoga" spray rolled up INSIDE my mat so I don't forget it. I use it before... and after I do yoga! I love the way it smells-- and the nice smell helps me to breathe more deeply, too."

Nancy H.- Yogi / Pilates Student, Rancho Santa Fe
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